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North Jackson Board Meeting
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Dec 15, 2020
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Rotary Club of North Jackson
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Club Announcements:

Beginning October 13, The Rotary Club of North Jackson recommenced in-person meetings at The Rickhouse. The meetings continue to be available via Zoom. Please let Admin. Secretary-Treasurer Don Roberts know if you will be attending the in-person meeting by the Friday before the meeting.
Zoom meeting invites with the link and password will be sent to all club members on Mondays. The Zoom meetings will continue to start at noon on Tuesdays with club member fellowship with the meeting starting at 12:15 p.m. If you have any issues connecting to the Zoom meeting or would like the link sent to you, please email Past President Greg Campbell at
We reserve the first 15 minutes for fellowship and give our speakers nearly 30 minutes for their presentations.
Please remember to sign up to "Ring the Bell" for the Salvation Army at the Corner Market location at 1200 E. Northside Drive in the Maywood Mart Shopping Center. We will be "ringing" December 1 -3 from 10 AM to 5 PM. Call Rob Whitley at 601-362-8844 to sign up. 

Proposed New Member Announcement.

Caroline Derivaux Kemp has been proposed for membership in the Rotary Club of North Jackson by President Lee Carney and is sponsored by Past President Greg Campbell.   

Caroline is a Financial Relationship Senior Consultant – Team Lead for Regions Bank in Jackson. Currently, she is assigned to the Regions Bank at Jacksonian Plaza in north Jackson. She has been with the bank for 5 years.

Caroline has lived in the Metro area for 18 years and currently resides in Madison County in the Lake Caroline area.

She attended Millsaps College and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Economics, graduating in 2014. She continued her studies there earning her Master of Business Administration degree in 2018. 

She will be loaned the classification, Banking after her membership is approved by the Board.

This is the 2nd publication of this proposed new member.


Birthdays and Anniversaries.


  • None
Wedding Anniversaries:
  • Charles & Virgi Lindsay                     Nov. 27
Membership Anniversaries
  • Katie Browning            8 years, Nov. 27        
Prayer. We praise you, O God, from whom all blessings flow, from whom we gain inspiration for living and incentive for serving. In this season of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for our national heritage of giving thanks derived from our Pilgrim forebears. We honor the stalwart settlers and courageous statesmen who fashioned America on the bedrock of religious faith which they were not hesitant to boldly express and practice.
Bless now, we pray, not only for our food and table fellowship but also for the noble purposes for which we exist. Give us new visions of service opportunities and deepen our commitment to them. We pray the same for other clubs worldwide. With thankful hearts, we pray. Amen.
Thoracic Surgeon Speaks to Rotary Club of North Jackson
Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Galen Ohnmacht, of the Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson about Lung Cancer at the club's November 17 meeting. Dr. Ohnmacht recently moved from Maryland to Jackson. He commented that he got tired of digging out of the snow in winter and was looking forward to a winter in Mississippi. Dr. Ohmacht completed medical school at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston and his residency at Mayo Foundation in Rochester, Minnesota. 
Dr. Ohmacht's bottom line was that if you don't want lung cancer, don't smoke. He said that people aged 55- 77 years in age who have 30 pack-years or more of smoking should have lung cancer screening. He defined a pack-year as the length of time smoked times the number of packs of cigarettes smoked daily. Thus 30 pack-years for a two-pack a day smoker would be 15 years. He described the screening process as a non-invasive low dose CT scan.
Per Dr. Ohnmacht, Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., accounting for 25% of U.S. Cancer deaths. More people die of lung cancer than of colon, breast, and prostate cancer combined. In 2020, medical experts estimate that there will be 229,000 new cases and 136,000 deaths from lung cancer. The number of deaths is decreasing because of fewer people smoking and early detection. In Mississippi, the estimated number of new lung cancer cases in  2020 is 2500. Risk factors associated with lung cancer are smoking, exposure to secondhand smoke, asbestos, diesel exhaust, coal products, arsenic, vinyl chloride, radon, radiation (especially radiation therapy to the chest), air pollution, and a family history of lung cancer. He said that lung cancer can be very advanced by the time people have symptoms. 
The stages of lung cancer are
  • Stage I  - cancer remains in the primary organ
  • Stage II - cancer is large and may or may not have spread to the lymph nodes and other structures
  • Stage III - cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and other structures
  • Stage IV - cancer has spread to other areas of the body
There are several imaging tests that can be used to screen for lung cancer, chest X-Ray, Computerized Tomography (CT) scan, and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan. 
The treatment for lung cancer depends on the subtype, stage, molecular characteristics, patient co-morbidities, and other factors in combination or alone. Possible treatments include:
  • surgery
  • radiation therapy
  • chemotherapy
  • targeted therapy
  • immunotherapy
Dr. Ohnmacht listed the following preventative steps:
  • don't smoke
  • avoid secondhand smoke
  • avoid radon exposure
  • avoid exposure to known cancer-causing agents in the workplace
  • eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables
We thank Dr. Ohnmacht for his informative presentation and for his moving to Jackson. He is shown following his presentation in the following photo.
Shown in the photo from the left are Club Member Dr. Nelson Atehortua, Dr. Ohnmacht, Baptist System Community Outreach and Special Events Coordinator Caitlin Hayden, and Club President Lee Carney. The entire meeting, including Dr. Ohnmacht's presentation, can be seen at the following website:
MS National Guard Adjutant General Speaks to Rotary Club of North Jackson
Major General J. Durr Boyles, Adjutant General, Mississippi National Guard, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson at the club's November 10, 2020, meeting in observance of Veterans Day. MG Boyles is an Eagle Scout and a graduate of Mississippi State University in Biological Engineering and of the United States Army War College with an MSS in Strategic Studies. In his civilian life, he is president of Boyles Moak and Stone, Inc. dba Boyles Moak a regional independent insurance agency located in Ridgeland, Mississippi. MG Boyles has been in the MS National Guard since May 1982 and has been Adjutant General since Sept. 2016.
The subject of Boyles' presentation was the Mississippi National Guard, its role, its mission, and its deployments. MG Boyles, himself, has been deployed to Kosovo and Afganistan. He (right) is shown with club member MG (Ret.) Erik Hearon, who introduced him, and club president Lee Carney in the following photo. We thank him for his service to our state and our country and for his presentation. 
The following is a link to MG Boyles' presentation and to the complete meeting
Canopy Children’s Solutions Donor Relations Manager Speaks to Rotary Club of North Jackson

Marcus Ginn, Donor Relations Manager, Canopy Children’s Solutions, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson at the club’s November 3, 2020 meeting. The subject of his presentation was “Mental Health." Ginn is an alumnus of the University of Mississippi and is the Treasurer of the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI).

Canopy was founded in 1912 as the Mississippi Children’s Home Society with the mission of placing orphaned children into permanent, loving homes.

In 2016, the name of the organization was changed to Canopy Children’s Solutions which more accurately reflects the current mission of the organization. That mission is to help children thrive and families overcome extraordinary challenges by providing a continuum of behavioral health, educational, and social service solutions.

Canopy employs a diverse group of mission-driven employees committed to honoring the voice of Mississippi children and families. We work to keep these voices heard by our state and national leaders. Its employees are published academics and research journalists in behavioral health and social service issues.

Ginn gave a brief history of the organization and its current status.  He said that today Canopy has 18 locations in Mississippi ranging from

  • two Cares Schools, one in Jackson and one in Hattiesburg,
  • two Child Advocacy Centers, one is Pascagoula and one in Gulfport,
  • Community offices throughout the state,
  • an emergency shelter in Vicksburg,
  • a residential center in Jackson, and
  • corporate offices in Jackson. 

Per Ginn, one in 54 children are diagnosed with being on the Autism spectrum, and one in five children in Mississippi, or 131,000, have behavioral health challenges. Eighty percent of these do not get the needed care. Mental health is not treated as a “real” disease. We need to shine the light on mental health. 

To increase the attention on mental health, Canopy is sponsoring “Share Hope” November 13 - 15 at Highland Village in Jackson. This is a weekend of outdoor activities focusing on mental and physical wellness. The CSpire Foundation is the primary sponsor of the weekend’s activity.  Ginn encouraged people to “be congruent”, “Be realistic”, and Be Nimble” with respect to mental health. Being congruent is to put things in the proper order, being realistic is to accept the facts, and being nimble is to adapt to a changing environment.

We thank Ginn for his presentation and for what he is doing to help improve mental health. He is shown the following photo during his presentation.


The following is a link to the November 3 Club meeting, including Ginn’s complete presentation:

North Jackson Rotarians pack food boxes at Mississippi Food Network
North Jackson Rotarians packed food boxes for distribution to needy families at the Mississippi Food Network on Friday, October 30. The following photos are from the event. Shown are Club Service Director Lori Greer, Public Relations Director Bill Osborne, and Past President Greg Campbell.
Center for Responsive Politics Outreach Manager  Speaks to North Jackson
Brendan Quinn, Outreach and Social Media Manager for the Center for Responsive Politics spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson at the Club's October 27 meeting. The subject of Mr. Quinn's presentation was "following the money in politics." He used the Center's website, as the basis for his presentation. Per Quinn, presidential candidates have raised $3.7 billion, with Biden outraising Trump $1.3 billion to $0.9 billion. The remaining $1 billion was raised by lesser-known candidates and candidates in the preliminary races. Quinn said that the current election cycle will be the most expensive ever. He differentiated between official candidate committees, outside funding, and "dark" money. Both Biden and trump have substantial funds raided by their committees, outside money, and dark money. We thank Quinn for his very interesting and informative presentation. The following photo is from the website.
You can view the entire meeting including Quinn's presentation at the following website: