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Club Announcements:
Readers Needed @ Walton Elementry
Volunteers are needed to read to the Pre-K class at Walton Elementary School. As of now, our club members read on Wednesday's at noon. The day may be changing soon. It only takes about 30 minutes to read several books to the students. The class has books that you can read or check some out at your local library. This project is very rewarding and you will be blessed by volunteering. It you are interested, please contact Bill Osborne @ Below is a photo of Club Past President Greg Campbell with the Pre-K class.
O God,we gather once again as men and women committed to the values espoused by Rotarians everywhere, values and virtues desperately needing to be infused into our culture. Bless now the food provided for our use and enjoyment, and use the congeniality of our fellowship as a winsome witness to the quality of our togetherness. Amen.
Membership Anniversaries:
Larry Anderson   6yrs.     Feb. 9th 2016
Matt Monsour     6yrs.     Feb. 9th 2016
Luther Munford   10yrs.   Feb. 14th  2012
Andy White        10yrs.    Feb. 14th  2012
Dr. Ross Thurmond, Baptist Heart Speaks
Dr. Ross Thurmond a Cardiologist with Baptist Heart, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its February 1, 2022 meeting. Dr. Thurmond informed club members and guest about the importance of preventive heart practices and ways to live a heart healthy life. According to Dr. Thurmond, ways to live a heart healthy life are through diet, healthy weight, no smoking and exercise. By living a healthy lifestyle, you can help keep your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels normal and lower your risk for heart disease and heart attack. Dr. Thurmond suggest getting a cardiovascular risk assessment that includes a calcium score. Baptist Heart provides several heart assessment test. These test are not covered by insurance, but only cost $89, $100 and $175. You may call 601-948-6262 to schedule a assessment. Here is the link to the meeting video, Shown in the below photo from left, Club President Uriel Pineda and Dr. Thurmond.
New Member Nate Adams, Jr. Introduced
Nathan P. “ Nate”  Adams, Jr. was introduced as the newest member of the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its January 25, 2022 meeting. Nate was proposed for membership by club member Virginia Carlton and sponsored for membership by Past President Don Roberts. At the time of his retirement he was serving as Chancery Judge in Washington County, Mississippi. Nate has lived in the metro area for about 3 years. He and his wife, Frances, currently live in Madison. He will be loaned the classification, Judge – Chancery. Shown in the below photo from left, Club President Uriel Pineda, Adams, Jr., and club member and Nate's proposer Virginia Carlton.
Miss. Sec. of State Michael Watson Speaks
Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its January 25, 2022 meeting. Secretary Watson informed club members and guest about the responsibilities of the Secretary of State's Office. Secretary Watson a Jackson County native, served three terms in the State Senate before being elected as the Secretary of State. Secretary Watson talked about the divisions of the Office including Elections and Voting, Business Services and Regulations, Public Lands and others. Secretary Watson stressed the importance that the Office of Secretary of State works for the citizens of Mississippi, "You are our boss, we work for you", said SOS Watson. Since January of 2020 when SOS Watson has been the SOS, he said he has tried to make the SOS's Office more user friendly. With elections, they oversee the state's elections, but each county's election commissioners and clerks are in charge of the elections. He has tried to minimize the business regulatory regulations by creating the Occupational Licensing Review Commission. The SOS Office has also created Tackle the Tape. The Tackle the Tape initiative seeks to cut anti-competitive government regulations and increase economic opportunities for individuals across Mississippi by encouraging innovation and job growth. Currently, per capita, Mississippi is the most regulated state in the Southeast. Working closely with the Occupational Licensing Review Commission and other state agencies, as well as small businesses and industry leaders across the state, the SOS Office have seen tremendous success in helping rid Mississippi of the burdensome “red tape.” Here is the link to the meeting video Shown in photo below is from left, club member Pete Perry, SOS Watson and Club Past President Greg Campbell.
Exec. Dir. of Homes of Hope for Children Speaks
Dr. Michael Garrett, Executive Director of Homes of Hope for Children, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its January 18, 2022 meeting. Dr. Garrett informed club members about the children's home in Purvis, Mississippi. The mission of Homes of Hope for Children is to serve children in crisis throughout Mississippi by providing strong, Christian homes to every child who lives on campus while ensuring that each child is loved unconditionally and has their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met. Dr. Garrett and his two sisters who spent time in a Christian children's home as kids, had a vision to provide a place where children in crisis could grow up. Over a decade ago, he and his wife moved to Hattiesburg with their then-infant son. "God had placed the vision of Homes of Hope for Children my heart", and they were committed to bringing it to life by helping boys and girls find a nurturing place to call “home.” Currently, Homes of Hope for Children has four cottages, two for boys and two for girls with a total of 28 children. Each cottage houses up to seven children and is staffed by a Christian houseparent couple that has been “called” to this special work. They also have a transitional living program to serve young adults who have graduated from high school while living on the campus while transitioning into the next stage of their lives. Dr. Garrett announced during his talk, that they are in the begging stages of planning for a Homes of Hope for Children in the Jackson area. Here is the link to the video of the club meeting, Shown in the photo below from left, Club President Uriel Pineda, Dr. Garrett and Club Director Bill Osborne.
Artistic Director of New Stage Theatre Speaks
Francine Thomas Reynolds, Artistic Director at New Stage Theatre, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its January 11, 2022 meeting. Reynolds informed club members and guest about the history of New Stage, how the theater has dealt with COVID and the current season. New Stage Theatre was chartered as a nonprofit organization in 1965 and produced its initial season in the winter and spring of 1966. Founded by Jane Reid Petty and seven other charter board members, with the assistance of the American National Theatre Academy and Actors’ Equity Association, the theater has been dedicated to professional excellence in the dramatic arts since its inception. Ivan Rider was the theater’s first artistic director and served in that capacity until 1979. New Stage’s first home was an adapted church at the corner of Gallatin and Hooker Streets. The full houses for its opening season were significant: they represented the city’s first racially integrated theater audience and playgoers’ response to more intellectually stimulating theater fare than had been previously available locally. New Stage produced 13 seasons in the 150-seat church before moving to its present site in Belhaven in 1978. Built in 1963 for the Jackson Little Theatre, the 12,000 square foot structure includes the 364-seat Meyer Crystal Auditorium, and a flexible, smaller performing space, the Jimmy Hewes Room. Now in its 56th year, New Stage produces a full professional season, including five main stage shows in the subscription series. The next show for this season is I Just Stopped by to See the Man, February 2-13. The play is set in the Miss. Delta about a Delta blues singer's passion for his art and the sacrifices of fame and fortune. Shown in the photo below is from left, Luther Munford, club member; Reynolds and Bill Osborne, club director. Here is the link to the meeting video
Club Programs/Speakers Discussed
During our club's meeting on January 4, 2022, under the guidance of Wyatt Emmerich and Bill Osborne, an outline was discussed concerning our programs/speakers. Please take a look at the below template and make any suggestions you have as to possible speakers and topics. We are working to make the meetings as interesting as possible and would like your suggestions. If you have any suggestions, please contact our club administration director Bill Osborne @
Rotary Program Topics Template
11 Jan     Francine Thomas Reynolds, New Stage Theater
18 Jan     Dr. Michael Garrett, Exec. Dir., Homes of Hope for Children
25 Jan     Michael Watson, MS Sec. of State
01 Feb     Heart Health (a cardiologist from Baptist Systems)
08 Feb    Dorothy Anderson, Marriage, Love and Relationships
15 Feb    City of Jackson (possibly Jordan Rae Hillman, Dir. of Planning & Dev.)
22 Feb    Open (Possibly vocational talks)
01 Mar    Infrastructure (Possibly Brad White, Dir. MDOT)
08 Mar    Allergies (Possibly Winn Walcott, MD)
15 Mar    Arts (possibly Betsy Bradley, Exec. Dir. of Miss. Museum of Art)
22 Mar    Open
29 Mar    Rotary Dist. 6820 Governor Ed Thurmond
05 April    Tourism (possibly a Visit Mississippi representative.)
12 April   Legislative Retrospective
19 Apr     Media (Wyatt Emmerich)
26 April                         Open
May Week One            Agriculture
May Week Two            State Economy
May Week Three         Star Students
May Week Four           Open
May Week Five            Vocational
Jun Week One              Entertainment
Jun Week Two             Business and Industry
Jun Week Three           Baseball or Other Sport
Jun Week Four             Open (Installation of Officers)
Jul Week One               American History
Jul Week Two               Energy and Global Warming
Jul Week Three            Transportation
Jul Week Four              International Convention Report
Aug Week One             Environment (MDEQ?)
Aug Week Two             Criminal Justice System
Aug Week Three          Secondary Education
Aug Week Four            Open
Aug Week Five             Vocational
Sept Week One            College Sports (JSU?)
Sept Week Two            Sanderson Golf Classic
Sep Week Three          Judiciary
Sep Week Four            Open
Oct Week One              Entrepreneurship and Change
Oct Week Two              Construction
Oct Week Three           Golf/Tennis/Hunting/Biking
Oct Week Four             Open
Nov Week One             Elections
Nov Week Two             Mental Health
Nov Week Three          Religion
Nov Week Four            Primary Education
Nov Week Five             Food and Wine
Dec Week One             Judiciary
Dec Week Two             College Sports
Dec Week Three          Christmas
Dec Week Four            Open
Miss. State Senator David Blount Speaks to Club
Mississippi State Senator David Blount, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its December 21, 2021 meeting. State Senator Blount, a Democrat who represents district 29, informed club members and guest the outlook for the upcoming legislative session. Senator Blount said the most important task in the session is spending the roughly 2 billion of federal COVID money for one time usage. The state also has a little less than 2 billion in the bank and the rainy day fund is full. Issues effecting Jackson that are his top priority are, fixing the water and sewer issues and crime and public safety. Other cities in the state also need water and sewer updates. Another issue he hopes to tackle for Jackson is getting more prosecutors to help with the crime issues. Another issue facing the legislature is to restore the initiative process and pass the medical marijuana bill. Redistricting is another issue the legislature is facing. Senator Blount also said that the #1 issue for Mississippi in his opinion, is expanding Medicaid. There is also talk about eliminating the state income tax according to Blount. One third of the state revenue of the 6 billion general budget, comes from income tax collections according to Senator Blount. The Legislative session starts January 4th, 2022. Shown in the photo below is Senator Blount and Club President Uriel Pineda. Here is the link to the video of the meeting
Mississippi String Quartet Performs
The Mississippi String Quartet performed before our club's meeting on Tuesday December 21, 2021. The musicians performed holiday classics for club members and guest. Members of the quartet are from left, Marta Szlubowska, Concertmaster for the Symphony; Milena Rusanova, Ausra Jasineviciute and Rebekah Miller.
New Members Give Vocational Talks
The Rotary Club of North Jackson heard two new club members give their vocational talks during its December 14, 2021 meeting. Club members Lynette Suttlar, owner of 1STAR Realty LLC and John Garrard, owner and President of Optimum Financial Services LLC., informed club members about their life and career. Suttlar is a native of Benton in Yazoo County. She has one son and one grandson. Lynette spent 30 years working for the US government with stents at the US Postal Service, IRS and Department of Defense. She spent 15 years in the military with 4 years of active duty in the U.S. Army and 11 years in the Army Reserves. Lynette was a Staff Sergeant when she retired. She has a MBA and MPA from Jackson State University. Lynette is a diplomat with the Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce. Her hobbies are golf and reading. Garrard, is a native of Isola, Mississippi. He is a Mississippi State University grad and has earned his MBA from Millsaps College. After working in the brokerage business with large companies A.G. Edwards and Legg Mason, he started his own (RFA) registered investment advisor firm Optimum Financial Services LLC in 1990. Optimum was the first RFA in Mississippi to use robotic advisory software to help in advising their clients with their investments. John is married to Susan, President and CEO of the Mississippi Children's Museum. They have two sons. Shown from left in the photo below is, Garrard, Suttlar and Club President Uriel Pineda. To view the meeting video, please click on this link
State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs III Speaks
Mississippi State Department of Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs III, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its December 7, 2021 meeting. Dr. Dobbs updated club members and guest on the COVID virus and the new Omicron strain. Dr. Dobbs said that most of the early deaths were at nursing homes. Most deaths now are from the un-vaccinated witch is around 90%. Dobbs said that 120,000 children are orphaned in the USA due to their parents dying of COVID. He also said that most deaths in 2021 when the vaccine was available, are those 65 and older. Dr. Dobbs said that boosters are needed just like getting the flu vaccine each year. one of the goals of the vaccine according to Dr. Dobbs is to keep folks from spreading the virus to others. The new Omicron strain doesn't seem to cause a lot of hospitalisations currently. The vaccines with boosters seem to be good at treating the Omicron strain. He suggest a COVID safety plan during the holidays should include where to get the anti-bodies and where to get tested. Shown in the photo below from left, Dr. Nelson Atehortua, club member; Dr. Dobbs and Club President Uriel Pineda.
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