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Jul 12, 2022
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Club Announcements:
No Meeting on July 5th
The Rotary Club of North Jackson will not have their regular club meeting on July 5th due to the Manship and Rickhouse being closed.
Proposed New Member Announcement
Bruce Deer has been proposed for membership in the Rotary Club of North Jackson by Uriel Pineda is sponsored for membership by Past President Wyatt Emmerich.  He is Chief Executive Officer of Trilogy Communications, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty coaxial cables located in Pearl. Bruce attended Mississippi State University where he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Southern Methodist University where he earned a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. He and his wife, Teresa, have lived in the metro area for the last 28 years, currently residing in Madison. They have two adult children. Bruce is currently a member of the Mississippi Manufacturers Association, the Safer Building Coalition, the Mississippi State Advisory Council on Electrical and Computer Engineering. He will be loaned the classification, Manufacturing Management, after his membership is approved by the Board.
This is the 2nd publication of this proposed new member.
Lori Greer  11th
John & Helene Dorsa  9th
Membership Anniversaries:
Changing of the Guard Held
The Rotary Club of North Jackson held their Changing of the Guard Ceremony during its June 28, 2022 meeting. Club Outgoing President Uriel Pineda gave the gavel and President's pin to Incoming President Larry Anderson. 2021-2022 Club President Uriel Pineda highlighted the many club projects that the club had throughout the year and the amount members gave to the Rotary Foundation. Membership also grew during the 2021-2022 Rotary year from 85 to 91. Incoming Club President Larry Anderson informed club members and guest about his life and career. Larry also outlined his plans for the upcoming Rotary year. Here is the link to the meeting video Shown in photo below is Larry presenting Uriel with his gavel plaque.
JPD Precinct 4 Officer of the Quarter Honored
The Rotary Club of North Jackson honored the JPD Precinct 4 Officer of Quarter during its June 28, 2022 meeting. JPD Officer Jeremy Jefferson was chosen for his investigation and arrest of an burglary suspect in the Lakeland Drive and Lelia Drive area of Jackson. Shown in photo below from left, JPD Deputy Chief Tiny Harris, JPD Assistant Chief Joseph Wade, Officer Jefferson, club member Steve Orlansky, JPD Deputy Chief Deric Hearn and JPD Precinct 4 Commander Obie Wells, Jr.
Rotarian of the Year Honored
The Rotary Club of North Jackson named Past Club President Greg Campbell as the Rotarian of the Year during its June 28, 2022 meeting. Campbell, club president during the 2019-2020 RI year, was honored in appreciation and recognition of distinguished service, loyalty and devotion to the ideals of Rotary. Shown presenting the award to Campbell is 2021-2022 Club President Uriel Pineda, left.
New Member Vocational Talks
Three new members of the Rotary Club of North Jackson gave vocational talks during the club's meeting on June 21, 2022. Club members Nate Adams, Po Lutken and Paul Watson informed the club about their life and their carrier. All three men have early roots in Greenville, Mississippi. Nate Adams spent most of his life in Greenville until moving to Jackson recently. Adams, an Ole Miss graduate, finished with a law degree. After spending time in the army, Nate returned to Greenville where he practice law. He was a chancery judge for two terms. Adams is currently retired and married to Frances. Po Lutken was born in Greenville but moved to Lake Washington area where his dad was a farmer. Po decided to now follow his family in the farming business and decided to get a law degree at Washington and Lee after graduating from Ole Miss. After graduating from law school, Lutken started working at Wise Carter Child & Caraway Law Firm where he is now a shareholder. Po handles legal issues for Entergy. He and his wife Blann, have two sons. Paul Watson was born and raised in Greenville and lived there until October of 2021. Watson graduated from Miss. State University. After graduating form MSU, Paul started working in sales for the John Deer dealership where his dad was a part owner. He worked his way up the ladder to become owner and CEO of the company in 1975 and retired in 1997. Paul has 3 children and 13 grandchildren and married to Jody. Here is the link to the meeting video Shown in photo below from left, Lutken, Adams and Watson.
Friends of Children’s Hospital of Mississippi Representative Speaks to Rotary Club of North Jackson

Leslie Owens Campbell, Community Relations and Special Events Manager of the Friends of Children's of Mississippi Hospital spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson at the Club’s June 14 meeting. Ms. Campbell described the Friends organization's role as raising funds for the Hospital. Children’s of Mississippi was originally known as Blair Batson Hospital. It recently changed its name to Children’s Hospital of Mississippi to reflect that it is the only pediatric hospital in the state. 

Per Ms. Campbell, the Mission of the Friends is ”we elevate the healthcare experience for children in Mississippi to create hope, smiles, and a place where patients can be kids.

Friends conducts many fundraising events during the year. Perhaps the best known is the Sanderson Farms Golf Championship, a professional golf tournament on the PGA tour that is played annually in the fall at the Country Club of Jackson. The tournament is hosted by the Century Club Charities of Mississippi which donates the proceeds of the tournament to Friends of Mississippi Children's Hospital who in turn donates those funds to the hospital. In 2021, the tournament donated $1.5 million to the hospital. Other events that Friends have include Enchanted Evening and Over the Edge with Friends. Enchanted Evening is an evening event presented by BankPlus that has raised about $300,000 annually. A new event is planned for 2022 to replace the Enchanted Evening. Per Ms. Campbell, the details on the new event will be forthcoming shortly. Over the Edge with Friends is an exciting event in which sponsored individuals are given the opportunity to rappel down a multistory building in Jackson. 

Other events that Friends sponsors are The Trustmark Children’s Hospital Pro-Am Golf Tournament in October, Light a Light for Children which provides lights to brighten the hospital during the Holiday season, and Do Dah Day Patty Peck Honda New Car Give-Away which is a raffle conducted over the Holiday Season and into the New Year.

We thank Ms. Campbell for her presentation and for her work on behalf of Children’s of Mississippi. She is shown in the following photo following her presentation. Shown in the photo from the left are Club President Uriel Pineda, Ms. Campbell, Rotarians Neelam Goel, and Bill Osborne

Wyatt Emmerich Speaks on Holy Land Trip
The Rotary Club of North Jackson's Past President Wyatt Emmerich, spoke to club members and guest during the club's June 7, 2022 meeting about his recent trip to the Holy Land. Wyatt and friend Jeff Weill, hiked the Jesus Trail during Easter week. Emmerich said that The Jesus Trail is, of course, thousands of years old but it has only recently been touted as a tourist destination with the motto, “Jesus didn’t take a bus, why should you.” According to Emmerich, the local promoters believed it would spur tourism and local economic development and it has. When Jesus began his ministry he left Nazareth and went to the Sea of Galilee (really just a medium sized lake) where he recruited his disciples, many of whom fished the lake. There are numerous Christian and Jewish historical sports along the trail. Here are the links to Wyatt's columns in The Northside Sun about the trip:;;;; Shown in the photo below is Wyatt and Club President Uriel Pineda.

Dr. Sudha Madakasira Speaks On "Gun Violence in America: A Public Health Crises"
Dr. Sudha Madakasira, a Psychiatrist, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its May 31, 2022 meeting. Dr. Madakasira, a club member, spoke on "Gun Violence in America: A Public Health Crisis". Dr. Madakasira, a club member, is a Psychiatrist and CEO and Medical Director of Psycamore, LLC, a licensed private, freestanding psychiatric intensive treatment program for individuals suffering from serious mental disorders resulting in psychosocial, work or school impairments. Sudha compared deaths with guns by suicide and homicide. In 2020 in the US, there were 19,384 by homicides and 2,4292 by suicides according to Dr. Madakasira. Mississippi is in the top 10 of gun sales per 1,000 adults in 2020. According to Dr. Madakasira, there have been 213 mass shootings in 2022. Guns are the leading cause of death among children and adolescents in the US. According to Sudha, people with certain mental illness commit violence more than those without mental illness. Here is the link to the meeting video Shown in photo below is Dr. Madakasira with Club President Uriel Pineda.
Club Assembly Held
The Rotary Club of North Jackson held their annual Club Assembly at St. Andrews Episcopal Church Tuesday evening May 24, 2022. Club members enjoyed a time of fellowship and great food prepared by the award winning cooking team at St. Andrews, the Holy Smokers. District 6820 Governor Elect Mark DiBiase and wife Rhonda were our special guest. Club President Elect Larry Anderson introduced the incoming officers and directors. Club Past President Charlie Johnson announced that Club Honorary Member Jim Stanley has been named the 1st recipient of the Joe Harris Service Above Self Award.
Shelley Walker Speaks About The West End District
Shelly Walker, Vice-President of the West End District and Lyric Hotel in Cleveland, MS, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during it May 17, 2022 meeting. The West End District, is a group of three hotels with two restaurants and event venues on 17.5 acres of land on Hwy. 61 next to Delta State University in Cleveland, Miss. According to Walker, Cleveland did not have a "one stop shop" where guest can come and have a wedding, convention, meetings or a conference with full service on a property in one spot. The Lyric, the central hotel building provides a modern, technologically advanced, and relaxing atmosphere for guests. It serves as the check in point, both physically and operationally. The property features 63 rooms including 2 executive king suites with living areas and 3 king parlors. The Lyric Hotel is the home to the only Starbucks in the Mississippi Delta according to Walker. The property has a pool, entertainment area and event venues. The two restaurants on the property are the The 8 West Grill and The Farmhouse Table said Walker. Here is the link to the meeting video Shown in the photo below from left, Club President Uriel Pineda, Walker and Club Executive Secretary-Treasurer Don Roberts.
Wes Holsapple speaks on emergency preparedness
Wes Holsapple from the Mississippi State Department of Health, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its May 10, 2022 meeting. Holsapple spoke on emergency/disaster preparedness. According to Holsapple, citizens need to be prepared to be self-sufficiant for 3-7 days after a disaster. Why should we be prepared? Remember waiting in lines to buy fuel after Katrina? You need to be prepared for an emergency/disaster while traveling as well according to Holsapple. You never know when you will be stuck on the road. You need to have a family plan on how to get in touch with each other after a disaster. Natural hazards that are frequent in Mississippi are; rain & flooding, tornadoes, thunderstorms & lightning, extreme heat and power outages. There is a 44% risk of these happening. Why be prepared? Having what you need, when you need it according to Holsapple. According to Holsapple, being prepared reduces the emotional impact of feeling helpless during a disaster.  Here is a list of Community disaster preparedness info and resources.

Building you disaster plan and supply kit:

MS READY phone app: MS Ready on the App Store (

Emergency Mgrs. in all 83 counties:  County EMA – MEMA (

Hinds co: JOEY PERKIN / 601-960-1476


RANKIN CO: mIKE WORD / 601-825-1499
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) 

Public Assistance Grants and Hazard Mitigation Grants when property is damaged

Mississippi shelters activated during emergencies:


National Weather Service Jackson:


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed:
National Hurricane Center:

Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) 
Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality:
Mississippi Department of Public Safety:
Mississippi Department of Health: 

Mississippi Department of Public Safety: 

American Red Cross:
The Salvation Army: 

Belinda Lane, Miss. Organ Recovery Agency Speeks
Belinda Lane, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency (MORA), spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its May 3, 2022 meeting. Lane informed club members that more than 1,300 Mississippians are currently waiting for a transplant and that every day approximately 20 people die waiting for a transplant. Lane added that most people think of just organ donation, but there is also a need for eye (the cornea) and tissue donations. A single organ donor can save up to 8 lives and between 50-70 lives can be healed through tissue donations according to Lane. In order to donate, you have to be in a hospital, on an ventilator and brain dead. Lane said to club members, like families have talks about finances, they need to have talks about organ, eye and tissue donation. Most people know about the little red heart on drivers license noting one as a donor. According to Lane, you can be any age to be an organ donor, but if you are under 18 years, a parent or guardian must give permission to donate. Ways to sign up to become a donor are: Online @ or and at a drivers license bureau. Here is the link to the meeting's video Shown in photo below from left, Club Vice-President Larry Anderson, Lane and Club Director Bill Osborne.
STAR Students & Teachers Recognized
The Rotary Club of North Jackson recognized STAR Students and Teachers from area schools during its April 19, 2022 meeting. Students and teachers from Madison Ridgeland Academy, St. Andrews Episcopal, and St. Joe Catholic were represented. The STAR program, sponsored by the Mississippi Economic Council and the M.B. Swayze Foundation, recognizes students who have an ACT score of at least 25 and an overall average of 93 or above in selected subjects in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and first-semester twelfth grades. STAR Students choose their STAR Teacher. The following are the STAR Students and Teachers that were recognized; John David Phillips (Matt Bramuchi) from MRA. Advikaa Anand (Thomas Risesenberger), Raymond Huang (Nancy Rivas), Mary Elizabeth Kees (Emily Jones), Jacob McGrath (Carolyn Brown), Richard Miller (Sallie Moseley), Oluwadamiloju Oluwatade (Sallie Moseley), Rhodes Pharr (Gracie Bellnap) and Catherine Purvis (Hannah Halford) from St. Andrews. And John Provine (Ellis Riser)  and Avery Calvert (Sister Maria Thuan) from St. Joe. Here is the link to the meeting video Shown in the below photo are the STAR Students and Teachers recognized.
JPD Precinct 4 Officer of the Quarter Honored
The Rotary Club of North Jackson honored JPD Precinct 4 Officer of the Quarter Demetrius Persley, during its March 29, 2022 meeting. Officer Persley captured after a foot chase, a carjacking suspect as well as recovering a weapon used in the crime in Northeast Jackson. Shown from left in below photo, Club President Uriel Pineda, JPD Officer Persley and cub member and project chair Steve Orlansky.
District 6820 Governor Speaks
Rotary District 6820 Governor Ed Thurmond spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its March 29, 2022 meeting. Governor Thurmond updated club members and guest on where the club stands with Rotary Foundation giving and encouraged members to recruit new members. Thurmond also informed attendees of upcoming district events. According to Thurmond, one half of all donations to the Rotary Foundation comes back to the clubs to use for service projects. Even though there are 1.2 million Rotarians in 36,000 clubs in 200 countries around the world, our membership is declining. Our district has lost 30% of its membership over the last three years. Governor Thurmond encouraged members to ask someone to join. According to Thurmond, the district conference will be held Saturday May 14th at Lake Tiak-O'Khata in Louisville, MS. The Rotary International Convention will be held in Houston, TX June 4-8. Shown from left in photo below are, Club President Uriel Pineda, Fran Thurmond and Governor Ed Thurmond, and Club Past President and District 6820 Assistant Governor Greg Campbell. The video link to the meeting is