Brad White, Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Transportation, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson during its March 15, 2022 meeting. White informed club members about the challenges that MDOT is currently facing. One challenge according to White is getting funding from the state legislature and improving MDOT's relationship with them. According to White, this is happening. The largest challenge said White, is staffing. The senior experienced employees have left. They are having to use outside consults which cost more that in house employees. Because of the employee shortage, the maintenance techs are having to cover more area that results in longer times to get the work done. According to White, the salaries are increasing resulting in more hiring of employees. Mississippi has a 65-66 billion dollar investment in roads and bridges and five billion dollars in needs according to White. The MDOT budget is 1.2 billion. Funding from the state lottery has helped alone with the federal money to fill in the gaps said White. MDOT received 3.6 billion in funds through the COVID relief bill according to White. MDOT also are responsible for airports, ports and railroads besides roads and bridges. White said he is now concerned about the inflation and completing projects. According to White, another concern for MDOT is how they are going to get funding in the future. Here is the link to the meeting video Shown in the photo below from left, club member Pete Perry, White and Club President Uriel Pineda.