Posted by Bill Osborne on Oct 10, 2019

Merrill McKewen, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson at the Club’s October 8, 2019 meeting. The subject of her talk was Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area (HFHMCA) and its new Broadmoor Initiative. After over 25 years of primarily building affordable new homes for deserving families in the Jackson Metro Area, HFHMCA has changed its focus to rehabilitating homes in the Broadmoor neighborhood of Jackson. There are several reasons for this change:

  1. Habitat homeowners prefer to purchase homes in the North Jackson area.

  2. The cost of new HFHMCA homes has escalated to the point where many sponsors can’t afford the cost of new homes. McKewen emphasized that the cost of a new home had risen to $120,000.

  3. The Broadmoor neighborhood is a vibrant community of well-built homes that were constructed for returning GIs after World War II and most of the homes are still in good condition for rehabilitation.

  4. The Broadmoor area is close to shopping, schools, thoroughfares, churches, and other amenities.

HFHMCA’s objective is to impact 100 homes in Broadmoor within 5 years. 


The original subdivision had 350 lots on 153 acres. The houses and lots were originally sold by lottery in 1948 to returning veterans. Many Jacksonians were raised in the subdivision or purchased their first home there. As they work on rehabbing the homes, it will be like coming home.


We thank McKewen for her presentation and for the work that HFHMCA is doing and has done for the Jackson Metro Area. She is shown following her presentation with Rotarian and HFHMCA board member Collier Graham (left) and North Jackson Club President Greg Campbell.