The Honorable Delbert Hosemann, Lt. Governor of the State of Mississippi, spoke to the Rotary Club of North Jackson at its August 18, 2020 meeting. The primary subject of his talk was the just-ended sessions of the legislature. He featured the legislative decision to retire the Mississippi State Flag and the approval of a process to replace it. He acknowledged that the commission to select a new flag has narrowed the number of candidates to 5 and that it will shortly name the candidate to be voted on by the citizenry on November 3. He also mentioned that the legislature had restored teacher's pay by eliminating cuts previously made and committed the funds provided by the federal CARES act. 
The Lt. Governor also discussed his and his family's adventure with COVID-19 that he contracted in early July following the legislative session. He noted that he is finally able to make his daily 1.5-mile run and that he made his first one that morning. We thank him for his presentation to our club and for his service to the citizens of Mississippi. He is shown during his presentation in the following photo.