New Jackson Rotarians Jeff Broome and
Nick Miller presented vocational talks to
the Rotary Club of North Jackson at its
April 19 meeting. Mr. Broome, an engin-
eer, discussed the work of Sound and
Communications. Sound and Communica-
tions uses engineering principles to design
and install sound systems in area locations.
He discussed some highlight moments in-
cluding when Johnny Cash threw a micro-
phone at a Mississippi State University con-
cert. (he brought the microphone to the
meeting. He gave the example of some key
projects that the firm has done, including
the new Prerforming Arts Center at Jackson
Academy. Mr. Broome is shown at the meet-
ing in the accompanying photo.


Nick Miller discussed how he got into the
real estate business. He started by selling
repossessed properties for financial institu-
tions and evolved to his present occupation
of leading Viking Investments. He joined Vik-
ing in 2008 and purchased the founding owner,
Mark Field's interests in 2012. Viking's business
model is to annually purchase delinquent taxes
at tax sales and to sell the tax deeds on those
properties when properties mature to Viking if
the owners fail to redeem their taxes. If the
owners do redeem their taxes, Viking receives
interest of 1.5% per month on the amount of
taxes that it paid at the tax sale. Mr. Miller also
pointed out that the purchaser of a tax deed
from Viking must  successfully pursue a Con-
firmation Suit at the Chancery Court in  order
to get a clear title to the property. Mr. Miller
is shown in the accompanying photo during
his presentation.
We thank both Mr. Broome and Mr. Miller
for their very interesting presentations and
for becoming members of the Rotary Club of 
North Jackson.