Posted by Don Roberts
Following the September 22 club meeting, Administrative Secretary/Treasurer Don Roberts distributed the following in an email to all club members
"If you attended yesterday’s meeting via Zoom, you witnessed the arrival of the POCKET CHANGE FOR POLIO PLUS JUG
(“ JUG”).  If you weren’t on Zoom, you missed it!
You can still see the JUG in the following photo.
The appearance of the POCKET CHANGE FOR POLIO PLUS JUG marks the beginning of our Club’s annual celebration of World Polio Day and the successes made possible by contributions from Rotarians in the continuing battle to ELIMINATE Polio worldwide.
Dr. Suman Das unveiled the JUG and made the first deposit – folding money – by placing a crisp $ 10 bill in the jug. 
Since Suman can’t bring the JUG to all our homes or offices right now, He challenged all members of the Club to help continue the Fight for polio eradication between now and World Polio Day, October 24, by mailing a check for $ 10.00 to me. All contributions will be tallied and sent to The Rotary Foundation.
By supporting this effort you will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution from THE ROTARY FOUNDATION.
To support POLIO ERADICATION, mail your check for $ 10 or MORE and make it payable to the Rotary Club of North Jackson and write JUG in the memo line. Mail your check to 
Rotary Club of North Jackson
P.O. Box 12934
Jackson, MS 39236-2934
There is more to come – Polio Quiz, Polio Bingo, valuable prizes!! 
Watch for details of the Club’s World Polio Day celebration in THE WHEEL."