Posted by Bill Osborne on Nov 01, 2019
The week of October 28, 2019, members of the Rotary Club of North Jackson distributed new dictionaries to third-grade students in six Jackson Public Schools: Boyd, McLeod, Casey, Dawson, Walton, and McWillie Elementary schools. This was the 12th year that the club has participated in this event. The beauty of the event is that many of the students are from low-income families and the dictionary may be the first book they have owned. At the distribution event, the children are encouraged to write their names in their dictionary to show that it is their book. Both new and seasoned Rotarians eagerly participated in the event. Their role was to introduce the students to the dictionaries and how to use them. The dictionaries the club distributed contained not only words but maps and encyclopedic information. Our club is delighted to be able to provide these useful gifts to the students.

The following photos are from the event.