Bul Mabil, a Rotary Peace Fellow sponsored by
the Rotary Club of North Jackson, spoke to the
Club at its April 12, 2016, meeting. Mr. Mabil
studied Conflict Resolution at the University of
Bradford in Yorkshire, UK from fall 2014 through
December 2015. He was accompanied by his fam
ily which includes his wife and three children.
They returned to Jackson in January
2016. Mr. Mabil is employed by the Mississippi
Department of Transportation (MDOT). At MDOT,
he is focusing increasing the use of public trans-
portation in Mississippi.
In his presentation, Mr. Mabil discussed his hist-
ory as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. He left
his home at the age of 5 and came to the US at
the age of 17 after spending time in Kenya
and Ethiopia. At the completion of his studies in
the UK, Mr. Mabil nd his family went to Nairobi,
Kenya where the children were able to meet their
grandmothers and the grandmothers were able to
meet their grandchildren. A brother and a sister
were killed in the fighting in South Sudan. Another
sister lives in Australia. Mabil and his family live in
According to Mr. Mabil, the current fighting in South
Sudan is over oil. Prior to the creation of South Sudan,
Sudan sold its oil to a Chinese company. After the crea-
tion of South Sudan, there was a desire to sell the
oil to American companies. Thus the fighting.

Since coming to the United States as an orphan, Mr. Mabil
has earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Millsaps
and Belhaven, respectively, and a Masters from the Uni-
versity of Bradford.
We thank Mr. Mabil for his very interesting talk and wel-
come him home. He is shown in the accompanying photo
with Rotarians Dick Dickerson (right) and Bill Osborne (left).